Grade1/Grade 2 Flight Instructors 2023

Flight Instructor Vacancies (Grade 1/Grade 2)

We are having another busy year here at CAE Australia Flight Training, with our workloads fast approaching pre-COVID levels. We currently have over 300 domestic students and international airline cadets in training with us, with many more international airline cadets arriving in the next few months. To meet this increasing workload we have a need for more Grade 1 and Grade 2 Instructors to help us to continue to deliver quality training to our students.


We are seeking applications from experienced instructors who have the passion, drive, and commitment required to work in a high volume environment providing a quality training and educational experience to our students.


Why join us… why CAE?

  • CAE is a worldwide leader in training offering premium Training facilities and a modern well maintained fleet of over 50 aircraft and simulators at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne.
  • We commit a considerable amount of time and resources into the development of our instructor workforce with our instructors having access to an accelerated skill development and qualification upgrade training program (at CAE’s cost) throughout their instructing career including FIR G1, FIR IR,  FIR FIR and Flight Examiner ratings.
  • Our Instructors are highly regarded within the airline industry and we are a key part of the pilot supply chain for both experienced pilots as well as new graduates.
  • Due to the size of our operation our instructors are able to not only quickly build their flying hours but also have the opportunity to take on additional program coordination and leadership responsibilities.
  • We pay above award salary

What Qualifications do you need to apply?


*     FIR A Grade 2 Training Endorsement or FIR A Grade 1 Training Endorsement

*     Night Training Endorsement (current) (FIR NVFR)

*     Command Instrument Rating (current) (IR)


Additional Qualifications, which are Highly Desirable.


*     Multi-Engine Teaching Endorsement (FIR CLR ME A)

*     Instrument Rating Teaching Endorsement (FIR IR)

*     FIR DF (Design Feature Training)

*     FIR (FIR)


So, what are we looking for in a candidate?

A passion for instructing, teaching, and sharing knowledge. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Personal integrity and a strong ethical mindset. Accountability and personal responsibility for meeting objectives and progressing students at the required rate. Being flexible to adapt both attitude and approach with an understanding of cultural differences of students. A positive and enthusiastic approach to working with others in a fast paced team environment, and of course a strong desire to continue to learn and develop technical and personal skills.


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